WELCOME to the Endo180. What exactly is the Endo180? It is a reset for your hormones and health. We are taking a look at the major influences on our endocrine system, cleaning it up, and hopefully doing a full 180 on your life. If you are done being tired, overwhelmed, overweight, with raging hormones that are out of whack, you are in the right place. Right off the bat, I want to let you know this will not be for everyone. Honestly… It. Will. Be. HARD. Not the, “oh, I can do this half way” hard, but the “I have to really make some major changes in my life and lifestyle” hard. If you are done being overwhelmed, stressed out, tired all the time, sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you are willing to do the WORK, then I applaud you and welcome you with my deepest love for your inspiring step forward. Let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Jen O’Sullivan. I have studied health and wellness over the past 10 years and have helped thousands of people reset their lives onto the right path toward an optimal healthful lifestyle. I am certified in French Aromatherapy and have 2 bestselling books on Amazon. I am known for my blunt style and personal attention to my groups. I am a mom and a wife, a sister and a daughter, a friend and a mentor. Above all, I adore Jesus and really everything I do is to glorify Him. Even this group as my goal is to help you become a more productive person full of joy and vigor to boldly and faithfully live your true purpose. How can we do that when we are bogged down with endocrine/hormone disrupting elements in our lives! So, I am blessed to be on this journey with you! Ready to get started? I am!!!


Welcome to the endo180 challenge! Are you excited to clean up your life? Let’s start with the preparations. (see variations HERE if you are not needing to lose weight or need a vegan or pregnancy option.)

Sign up for MyFitnessPal or some form of nutritional tracker. You can find Jen at jenosullivan on MyFitnessPal. You will need to keep a diary every single day. You must hit your goal calorie intake every day. This is super important. You will feel stuffed on this regimen if followed correctly.

DAY 0: Prep day! Clean out your pantry and fridge and go shopping. Go on a 15 minute “gratitude walk”.

DAY 1-30:

FOOD: Eat off of the endo180 Approved Foods list.

WATER: Drink 60-70% of your body weight in ounces, whichever is greater, of water infused with essential oils. As an example, for a 200lb person, daily consumption of water should be at around 1 gallon. For a 130lb person it would be around 80 ounces a day.

EXERCISE: Do a minimum of a 15-30 minute walk or cardio activity every day. 20 minutes of active stretching is OK for those who are not mobile.

CHEAT DAY: You are allowed 1 cheat day per week. I recommend you try to keep that day the same day, such as Saturday or Sunday. It is highly encouraged that you do not binge on this day. On cheat days you are not allowed to eat any addictive items such as gluten, coffee, or dairy. One glass of wine is OK if you are not an alcoholic. If you choose to drink a glass of wine, you are not allowed to eat desert. You are allowed to have steak, salmon, nuts, avocados, other fruits, a dessert (again, it must be gluten and dairy free). Continue to eat plenty of veggies and drink your water.

Foods to Focus on:
Eggs (whole) up to 4 per day
Tuna (and Salmon limited)
White Fish (Wild caught)
Lean Chicken
Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
Colorful Salads
Garlic (Fresh)
Slique Tea (3-4 times a week or you may have a cup every day)

Note on Stevia: Please do not use extra of this. This is in some of the Slique products and that is the only way you are allowed to use this. There is ONE exception: If you can purchase whole stevia leaf that is pre-ground or you can grind it yourself and use it that way. Stevia powder and liquid are not allowed.


Vegetarian & Vegan: Add 1 serving Slique or Vega Shake. Add 1 serving of cooked lentils. Add 1 serving of quinoa (rinsed extremely well then soaked in apple cider vinegar and water for 12 hours before preparing). Quinoa is not good for Autoimmune people. Spinach, Kale, and Broccoli are very high in protein. Once for ounce they have more protein than chicken.

Autoimmune: No nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, peppers, chillies, paprika, mustard seeds), no eggs.

Add nuts: 6 Brazil nuts, 14 Walnut halves, 22 Almonds, or 50 Pistachios, 1 tBS olive or walnut oil (walnut is better), 1/2-1 avocado, whole grain rice (non-gluten), beans, fatty fish every day such as Salmon.

Workout Junkie:
If you tend to do aggressive workouts for an hour or more a day or have a physically taxing job that is like an 8 hour workout, you will need to add more calories. Adjust accordingly by adding calories from the Underweight section.

The Half Version Plan:
(NOTE: This is only for those of you wanting to do this but not in the fully strict manner. This will greatly help your hormones if you do this version but cannot do the main version.)

NO ITEMS: No gluten, no milk (soft cheese OK), no coffee (tea OK), no white sugar (honey OK), no alcohol, no tobacco, no red meat, no obvious deserts.

LIMIT ITEMS: Limit animal protein, processed foods, stevia, starches, corn, nuts and high fat items such as olive oils and avocados (yes eat them, just limit them to one serving per day).

MUST ITEMS: You must have your full amount of water every day and do a minimum of 15 minute exercise every day.



  • Slique Tea (supports sugar cravings and energy)
  • Sique CitriSlim (supports weight loss and energy)
  • Slique Shake (meal replacement shake)
  • OmegaGize3 (omegas and vitamin D)
  • Life 9 (probiotics)
  • Essentialzymes4 or Allerzyme (or both)
  • Super B (supports vital system energy)
  • AgileEase (turmeric supplement)
  • Sulfurzyme (MSM supports insulin production and blood-sugar levels)
  • OliveEssentials (supports circulatory system)
  • AlkaLime (helps to alkalinize)
  • Ningxia Red (pre-biotic and immunity)
  • Ningxia Nitro (cognitive support and energy)
  • Ningxia Zyng (extra energy if needed – a healthy alternative to energy drinks)


  • Black Pepper Vitality: helps promote sluggish intestinal movement and helps stimulate proper digestion
  • Citrus Fresh™ Vitality: a synergy that supports system flushing
  • Cinnamon Bark Vitality: taken in a capsule or as part of your synergy, is wonderful at helping to regulate metabolism
  • EndoFlex™ Vitality: helps regulate hormones
  • Grapefruit Vitality: is a wonderful flusher and helps clean the cells, thereby promoting fat consumption
  • Lemon Vitality: helps flush our system of toxins and is a great diuretic
  • Lime Vitality: helps break up abnormal fat cells
  • Nutmeg Vitality: Helps promote proper digestion and supports bowl movements that have become erratic
  • Orange Vitality: encourages proper bowl movements
  • Peppermint Vitality: helps promote better circulation, stave off sugar cravings, helps keep the munchies at bay, and helps aide digestion
  • Spearmint Vitality: helps regulate metabolism and may stimulate appetite for those who are not eating enough
  • Tangerine Vitality: supports cell function and metabolism of abnormal fat cells, and promotes proper water retention


    • Progessence Plus
    • Lady Sclareaol
    • SclarEssence
    • Endoflex
    • Dragon Time
    • Dorado Azul
    • Ylang ylang
    • Lavender
    • Clary Sage (sclareol: a phytoestrogen)
    • Melissa
    • Nutmeg
    • Black Pepper
    • Clove
    • Bergamot
    • Goldenrod


  • Metabolism Support: Super B, Slique Tea
  • Thyroid Support: Thyromin Capsules
  • Adrenal Support: CortiStop Capsules
  • Overall Energy: Slique Tea, NingXia Red, NingXia Nitro, NingXia Zyng, Super B, Powergize
  • Endocrine Support: PD 80/20, EndoGize, FemiGen
  • Reproductive system support: FemiGen
  • General hormone support: Progessence Plus, Prenolone Plus, Regenolone

Young Living Food Products: You may add any of the following: Ningxia Red, Ningxia Nitro (limit please), Meal Replacement Shake (one per day), Slique Tea. See instructions on other oils and supplements you may use.

Important Disclaimer
You are all different and many may be following different doctor prescribe supplements and other regimens. I am not asking you to stop all of that. You may choose only to do the diet portion. If you are not currently taking a ton of supplements I encourage you not to go overboard and only choose ones that are made from things from nature. Using man-made isolated vitamins are synthetics that can cause more unwanted endocrine issues. Always go for natural over synthetic when you have an option. I am NOT a doctor. My goal is to help you re-think how and why and when and what we eat. Thanks for being kind to one another as we all should be surrounding this sensitive subject.

Meal Plan


Basic guidelines: LOTS of water, no grains, no starch, no refined sugar, no dairy (other than active culture Greek yogurt), no fatty meats, no nuts, no avocado, no oil, no caffeine.


Basic Guidelines for the Average Day:

  • 1 gallon of water per day. (100-130 ounces)
  • 1-2 shots of Ningxia Red
  • 8-16 ounces of Slique or green tea optional (chilled or hot)
  • Probiotic Supplement such as Life 9 or MightyPro
  • 1 to 2 servings of Greek Yogurt
  • 2 servings of fruit (berries or apples only)
  • 1 half serving of nuts (see below)
  • 2 teaspoons of high quality olive oil (optional)
  • 1/4 avocado (optional)
  • 3-5 meals consisting of 1 portion lean protein, 2-4 portions veggies. (see below “Easy Plate Breakdown”)
  • A minimum of a 15 minute “gratitude walk” every day.

A Note on Healthy Fats:
Please try to alternate days on your healthy fats. Do not consume one of everything on this list every day.

  • Avocado: You are allowed a half serving per day =  1/4 of one avocado)
  • Olive Oil: You are allowed 1 teaspoon a day of olive oil for cooking and salads. ~
  • Capsule Carrier Oil: You are also allowed carrier oil in your essential oil caps if you are on an oil regimen, and also a 1 second spray of olive oil when cooking in a pan
  • Nuts: One of the following nut half servings per day:
    3 Brazil Nuts
    7 Walnut Halves
    11 Almonds
    24 Pistachios
    1/8 cup sunflower seeds

Easy Plate Breakdown:

  • 1/4 plate hard protein (like chicken or fish), 1/4 plate soft protein (like eggs or yogurt), 1/2 plate salad
  • 1/4 plate hard protein, 1/4 steamed veggies, 1/2 plate salad
  • 1/4 plate soft protein, 1/4 plate steamed veggies, 1/2 plate salad

Example Day:
Morning Breakfast: Vega or Slique Shake with water, green tea or slique tea, Ningxia Red
Morning Snack: Apple and Organic Dried Seaweed
Lunch: Grilled Chicken with HUGE mixed salad.
Snack: Fage Yogurt with frozen blueberries mixed in (just like frozen yogurt)
Snack: Jamba Juice Great Greens (or homemade juice from a juicing machine)
Dinner: Baked Fish with lemon tomato tapenade and steamed veggies.
Desert: Ningxia Red Popsicle (monitor your sleep if this is too energizing)

Drink four to five 24oz water bottles a day.
This is an important part of the cleanse. YOU NEED TO DRINK ALL 5 (at least 4 if you can’t get 5 in). Get 3 in before noon. Wake up and drink one before 8, one before 10 and one before noon. Then get one in before 3, and one before 6 then you’re done. Do not drink any large amounts of water after 7. I don’t want any angry texts telling me you can’t sleep because you keep going to the bathroom all night long.

Take a probiotic supplement such as Life 9 or eat 2 servings, spaced throughout your day, of 0% Greek Yogurt. Do not get any with fruit added. I would like you to add your own. Get blueberries or strawberries.

Green tea helps cleanse your body of toxins. Even though it is a natural dehydrator, it is also a natural diuretic and is an important part of this program. This is in addition to your water consumption, NOT in lieu of it. Try to drink at least one cup per day.

~ Lean white chicken breast (hard protein), grilled or pan cooked without oil (1 second spray pan is ok)
~ White fish, any variety is good (hard protein), grilled or pan cooked without oil (1 second spray pan is ok)
~ Eggs (soft protein) Hard boiled, scrambled, over easy, any way you like. Just no butter but you may use “one-second” spray-pan style.
~ Greek Yogurt (soft protein)
~ Salmon or fatty fish (hard protein) 1-2 times a week only.
~ Meal Replacement Shakes, only one per day. You may use Vega Protein and Veggies Shake or Slique. If you have a brand you like, make sure it is under 200 calories, you can use it with just water, it is under 10 grams of sugar, has a least 15 grams of protein, and does not contain any animal protein (whey or casein are common).

~ Green leafy veggies (choose kale and spinach when possible)
~ Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, artichoke, eggplant, carrots, (see complete list below)
~ Organic Dried Seaweed.
~ Pretty much anything that is not a starch. No potatoes, peas, corn, yams or any other starchy veggie.)

~ No oil! No premade dressings EXCEPT Walden Farms Italian Calorie Free Dressing (at Sprouts).
Please make your own. It takes 5 seconds and has zero calories.
Recipe: mix to taste the following: Apple Cider Vinegar or Balsamic Vinegar with dijon mustard, and lemon, salt and pepper. For added flavor blend all ingredients and toss in 4-5 strawberries and blend up until smooth. Delish!

Eat 2 servings of approved fruit spaced out over your day. Eat as a snack or with your meals. If you are having more than normal hunger pains or heightened detox symptoms like migraines, eat up to 6 apples a day, one every two hours, as an apple flush, without any other food that day.
Approved Fruit: Apples, any variety, strawberries, blueberries, basically any berries. NO OTHER FRUIT IS ALLOWED.

You may drink up to 4 ounces per day. Use Nitro only once a day and only when needed.

You are welcome and encouraged to use Juice Plus. It is 17 fruits and veggies juiced and dried. It is a food item and not a supplement. For more info contact a Juice Plus rep or head over to our Facebook group for more info.

I want you fully coffee free for this. YOU CAN DO IT!

Zero alcohol while on this plan. No wine, beer, or liquor of any kind.

Allowed: Sea Salt and ground pepper. I recommend Pink Himalayan Salt.
Tapatio and Cholula.
Pico de gallo and salsas made without corn or oil.
All dried spices as long as they are pure without binders.
Fresh garlic and any fresh herb.

Not allowed: BBQ sauce, soy sauce, all salad dressings (other than one of the homemade dressings or the Walden Farms one.)

Do a minimum of 15 minutes of walking per day. For your walks I encourage you to do a gratitude walk where you thank God for as many things as you can think of in beat to your walk pace.


My name is Jen O’Sullivan and the Endo180 is a love project stemmed from a life-long desire to help others gain success in life. My goal is to provide solid information based on years of research and training. I am certified in French Medicinal Aromatherapy and have been studying health and nutrition since 2006. There are several ways to contact me, but the best is through email at jen@jenosullivan.com

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