30 Day Coffee Withdrawal Protocol

I know, I  know, NOT YOUR COFFEE!! Yes, this is bigger than most people understand. Coffee disrupts your endocrine system and causes your metabolism to tank. Do this for 30 days. Stick to it! You’ll feel so much better after the 30 days! I promise! Your endocrine system will start to heal and your natural energy will return. By drinking coffee, it is telling your wake hormone (cortisol) that it is not needed. This is why you get so tired in the afternoon. By removing the coffee you will experience withdrawal symptoms as if you were on a drug. You’ll get headaches and major mood swings but once you get fully clean of the drug your body is used to (in this case coffee), you will see how much better life is! More energy, no more brain fog, better sleep, better metabolic function, no more groggy mornings, and many other benefits.

Here’s how to do this! I have other supplements that I recommend during this protocol to support your immune system and gut health as well as a liver support regimen if you’d like to take this a step further, but here are the basics!

Stop all caffeine consumption of any kind. No coffee, no decaf, no tea (herbal is fine), no caffeinated sodas, no chocolate, no Excedrine or pills containing caffeine.

Drink lots of alkaline water. At least half your body weight in ounces. Example: if you are 200lbs then divide that by two swap the lbs to oz to give you a daily intake of 100 oz of water. Add 20 ounces if you workout (which you should).

Swap your morning coffee with Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion. You can buy single use packet sticks on Amazon. Use 1 packet with every 4-6 ounces. The less water you use, the more like coffee it will taste. Add some natural sweetener if you like, but dandelion is sweet already. Adding cream is not necessary but you are welcome to if you want it to be more creamy.

Juice at least once per day, and twice if you can. Masticating juicers are best, but a centrifugal juicer is fine too. Drink 12-16 ounces of juiced dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach. Add cucumber, celery, and green apples. Use fresh ginger too if you are experiencing nausea. Drink within 15 minutes of creation to obtain the most benefits.

Take a hot bath every night with 2 cups Epsom Salt for the first 7 nights. For the remainder of the detox take 2 baths per week.

Get a circulation enhancing deep tissue massage once a week. These are often called sports massage to encourage blood flow.

Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. A brisk walk is fine. You must maintain a higher heart rate and should be sweating by 10 minutes into the exercise. If you’re able to freely talk to someone then you’re not trying hard enough. You must get your lymphatic system moving.

Give yourself freedom to nap and sleep longer. If sleeping in is not an option, then make sure you go to sleep 2 hours earlier than normal.

Expect to be crabby! Your body won’t be happy but it’s important to stick with this for the full 30 days. Mood swings and a bad temper are to be expected. I recommend several emotion supporting essential oils too along with other supporting supplements. I’ve helped hundreds of women go off coffee with this. They all tell me that they wanted to prove me wrong only to find out what a blessing it has been for them. I hope this blesses you and I’m here for support if you need it!

Recommended supplements to support this protocol

  • Sulfurzyme
  • NingXia Red
  • Super B
  • OmegaGize3
  • Essentialzymes-4
  • Life 9
  • Essential Oils in drinking water: Lemon, Lime, Tangerine, Orange, Grapefruit (1 drop per 20 ounces).

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