Getting Started

The basics for this nutrition plan are simple:

First off, it is free. Yep, free education, free meal plans, free recipes. You may choose to commit to 60, 120, or the full 180 days.
You will want to get connected with two main groups: Our Facebook group and our MyFitnessPal group. For MyFitnessPal login and search for me, @jenosullivan then search in our Facebook group for other people to connect with or get your friends involved.

There will be products I will offer up as a means to help you. This is a free program, however, I want you to know up front that some items I recommend are from Young Living. If you do not have a membership, you can contact me to get started at
You also can do this without these products but they are meant to help propel you further and faster to endocrine health.

Feel free to add your friends and family members.

Note: I am not a doctor and there will be some areas that I will not cover from a liability perspective. I will not be covering specific issues, however, do know that if you choose to make the changes I suggest, your endocrine system will thank you and you WILL be healthier.

Following my regimen will get you the following:

  • Clearer Mind
  • Better Sleep
  • More Energy
  • Smaller Clothing Sizes
  • Better Attitude
  • Better Stress Management
  • More Even Emotions
  • Better Lung Capacity
  • More Even Monthly Cycles
  • Stronger Renal Function
  • More Consistent Bowl Movements
    Plus many more benefits! I hope you join me on this journey!

Start with the Prep Page and then head over to the Meal Plan section!